68.9 Billion USD landmark claim brought in the courts of Paris, Le tribunal judiciaire de Paris - France.

The claimants seek damages in compensation for a fraudulent seizure of assets, which was unlawful and without any legal basis under applicable law and therefore void. 68.9 billion USD and growing by an estimated 3.5 Billion USD per year (2021 onwards) until judgement, due to the accrual of interest and ongoing losses.

The Winterfell gross proceeds NFT (GPWIN) is the world’s first GPNFT.

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The world is a dangerous place, Those that watch others doing evil without doing anything are enabling those acts. This makes those that do nothing against what is going on within society just as bad as those doing these things ~Albert Einstein.

The Case

The Turkish Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF), in collusion together with Motorola (jointly and severally for the totality of the case) and a group of 60 individual and corporate defendants, amongst them Vodafone, the Sabanci group and Shank family (each for their participation) are being sued for fraudulent embezzlement.


The Defendants

Jointly & Severally for the totallity of the case: Tasarruf Mevduati Sigorta Fonu Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (Turkey) and Motorola Solutions Credit Company LLC;

Together with each party for their own participation and contribution to the damages :

Vodafone Group Public LTD. CO., Mrs. Suzan Sabanci, Mrs. Cigdem Sabanci, Mrs. Vuslat Sabanci, Mrs. Serra Sabanci, Mrs. Sevil Sabanci, Mrs. Dilek Sabanci, Mr. Omer Metin Sabanci, Mrs. Turkan Sabanci, Mr. Nihat Ozdemir, Mrs. Filiz Sahenk, Mrs. Deniz Sahenk, Mr. Ferit Sahenk, Arzuhan Yalcindag, Mr. Zeki Zorlu, Mr. Ahmet Nazif Zorlu, Mr. Asim Kibar, Mr. Ali Kibar, Mr. Aydin Dogan, Mrs. Hanzade Vasfiye Dogan Boyner, and others (Total 60 Defendants)


The Merits

The Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF) in collusion and together with Motorola fraudulently sold the assets and business of the captured and sold companies owned by the Uzan family, through invalid payment orders, and in total absence of any legal basis and / or adjudication. The Quantum of the case is 68.9 billion USD to date and will continue to grow throughout the litigation until its final adjudication (as explained above).It is the sum of the profits realised by those businesses and assets (for the past 17 years), which will continue to grow for as long as those businesses exist and are operated and continue to generate profit.



The minting of 3,380,000 GPWINs, each unique NFT will be priced for $170.


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